What is the Texas method? (2024)

What is the Texas method?

The Texas Method is a three-days-per-week training regimen that emphasizes volume on Mondays, active recovery on Wednesdays, and intensity on Fridays. Rippetoe was inspired by an old bench press workout from Canadian strongman Doug Hepburn, in which Hepburn would do 5 heavy 1-rep sets followed by 5 heavy 5-rep sets.

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Why does the Texas method work?

The Texas Method has predictability built into it in the form of weekly goals, programming measurable changes, and broad applicability following a well-organized novice progression. Timing is everything, and the Texas Method is one of the most useful programs for lifters finishing a run of linear progression training.

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What is the traditional Texas method?

The Texas Method comes from the Wichita Falls Athletic Club and it incentivizes regular, weekly PRs. In its most basic form, the Texas Method is marked by a “Volume Day” at the beginning of the week (Monday, if the lifter is lifting on an M-W-F schedule) and an “Intensity Day” at the end of the week (Friday).

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What is Texas technique?

At its core, The Texas Method is a weekly linear progression model with a volume day, a light day, and an intensity day. The most famous version of this framework is known for its volume day: Monday's five sets of five of squats and an upper body lift followed by a power variant pull.

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What is the Texas method 3 day a week?

The Texas Method has you training three days per week. Each day is considered a full body workout, where you will Squat and do upper body. Monday is the highest volume day of the week, Wednesday is considered a light day, and Friday has the heaviest weights, considered to be the “intensity day”.

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Is Texas Method worth it?

The texas method isn't ideal for building mass. The reps tend to be too low, as is the total number of sets per week. With that said, if you scroll up you'll see the 'powerbuilding' texas method variation, which offers a decent compromise between getting strong but also building muscle.

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What is the 4 day upper lower Texas method?

The 4-Day Texas Method generally looks something like this:
  1. Monday: Bench Intensity / Press Volume.
  2. Tuesday: Squat Intensity / Deadlift Volume.
  3. Thursday: Press Intensity / Bench Volume.
  4. Friday: Deadlift Intensity / Squat Volume.
Jun 6, 2018

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Is Texas Method for beginners?

Beginner weightlifters may also use the Texas Method workout program, but it is typically best reserved for recreational and competitive weightlifters who have some experience rather than complete novices.

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What percentage of 5x5 is the Texas method?

Warm up before each move, then lift 90% of your five-rep max (5RM) for a workout that breaks down maximum muscle tissue. Only go for one working set of your 5RM for the deadlift. They're hard and you won't be able to recover fully if you do multiple heavy sets, but one will do the trick.

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Is Texas Method good for beginners?

No, the Texas Method is for more advanced weight lifters with at least 18-24 months or more of strength training. A beginner should use a more basic program, such as Starting Strength or the GZCLP method.

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What is the Texas method for jacked up?

The Texas Method is a three-days-per-week training regimen that emphasizes volume on Mondays, active recovery on Wednesdays, and intensity on Fridays. Rippetoe was inspired by an old bench press workout from Canadian strongman Doug Hepburn, in which Hepburn would do 5 heavy 1-rep sets followed by 5 heavy 5-rep sets.

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What is the 5 3 1 method?

The 5/3/1 workout is a powerlifting program designed by powerlifter Jim Wendler. The key concept is to slowly build strength through four barbell weightlifting exercises: the parallel squat, bench press, deadlift, and the shoulder press, also known as overhead press or military press.

What is the Texas method? (2024)
What is Phase 1 of the Texas Method?

The Volume Phase

The Volume Phase is the initial stage of The Texas Method. Its main objective is to establish a solid foundation of strength and promote muscle growth. In this phase, powerlifters do many exercises that work big muscles, including squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

What is Phat workout?

PHAT (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training) is an intermediate level gym workout routine that combines elements of powerlifting and bodybuilding to help you build muscle size and strength. This popular training program was created by champion natural bodybuilder and powerlifter Dr.

Is there a Texas Method app?

This app calculates the weights you should use, based on your one rep maxes, for a 6-week Texas Method strength cycle. The app also makes it easy to keep track of where you are in the cycle and how you've progressed from cycle to cycle.

What is the difference between Texas method and 531?

Compared to the Texas Method and the Novice Linear Progression, 5/3/1 significantly reduces volume for the squat, press, and bench press, but matches TM and SSLP on deadlift frequency. Both TM and SSLP have 300% as much squatting from a frequency standpoint when compared to 5/3/1.

What is the 3 day upper lower program?

A workout routine with this split could involve doing upper body Monday and Thursday and lower body on Tuesday and Friday. Then, you schedule one day of rest in between. When doing an upper/lower split, you do one or two exercises per body part. Another option is to include compound movements.

How long is the Texas Method?

You can set up Texas Method programs for perhaps 12-18 weeks in length (4-6 three week cycles) leading up into the meet.

Why is 5x5 so effective?

The low number of repetitions means you'll be lifting very heavy weights relative to your current strength level and body size. This heavy training teaches your nervous system to maximally recruit each muscle fiber, meaning you can produce more force with the same muscle fibers over time.

Is 3x5 as effective as 5x5?

While the highly popular 5×5 set and repetition scheme will also yield progress, 3×5 will actually produce better strength gains in less time for the novice.

Why is 5x5 effective?

'Due to the low rep range of just five reps, more weight is able to be lifted compared to if you were performing, say, 10 reps,' he says. 'Thus, you will elicit greater strength gains when performing the 5x5 workout due to being able to lift greater weight, and hit higher numbers for your big lifts.

Is Madcow 5x5 enough?

Madcow 5×5 can build muscle, and over many months and years will certainly do so. However, it is FAR from an optimal way to go about it. If building muscle is your goal, I strongly recommend you read my article on hypertrophy, and maybe consider having a look at my 4 day upper/lower hypertrophy programme.

What is the 3 2 1 method of powerlifting?

“The 3-2-1 stands for three days of strength training, two days of Pilates, and one day dedicated toward your cardio work,” Fisher stated.

How to get jacked really fast?

6 Tips to Help You Build Muscle Faster
  1. Maximize your workout time with compound exercises. Some exercises only focus on specific muscles in your body. ...
  2. Go for high-intensity workouts. ...
  3. Make sure you're eating enough. ...
  4. Get enough rest. ...
  5. Try supplements. ...
  6. Make a goal to train each muscle two to three times per week.
Jan 11, 2023

What is the 5 3 2 powerlifting program?

It is a simple program to follow as the numbers (5, 3 and 2) represent the number of sets you perform for the main exercises, the number of reps you complete on each set, and the number of weeks that you train with that set/rep scheme.


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